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Plant One on US is a smarter way to add space to the window

First, it doesn’t require screws, nails or Velcro. Secondly, it’s very easy to put together.

Just slide the feet into the slots, clip it to your windowsill, snug the feet, and you’re done.

Save $5 on all order just type in FIVE in the coupon code and get Five Bucks off each unit and shipping just $7.95

Suggested Retail Price $49.95

Our Price: $39.95

NEW Plant One on US

Plant One on US lets you grow indoor plants and fresh vegetables at home by taking advantage of natural light and climate control indoors. It expands the standard 2 ½ windowsill to 10” X 24” window shelf for plants, knickknacks as a night stand in the bedroom, next to a desk, in a dorm room and nursing homes

The Shelf can hold up to 30 lbs. level. Okay, okay…it can actually hold more, but let’s keep things on the safe side.

Unlike other windowsill shelves, Plant One on US was designed not to harm your windowsill, it does not require screws, nails or Velcro to hold it in place.

To clean or move it to a different window just tilt up the front and pull the legs back and it comes right off

It’s just that simple!

A problem worth solving

Windows in homes in America have a very narrow windowsill. There’s no place to set plants and you cannot put many thing on it. With the windowsill at only 2 1/2 inches there’s no space.

Our Promise

Offering premium quality products at an exceptional value is our ongoing commitment to you. Our goal is to ensure that this and every Décor Home Systems product meets or exceeds your expectation for quality and performance. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If this product should become defective within One year of purchase while under normal use, service and proper operation. Contact us at:

Plant One on US Works with many different windows
All you need is a Single or double hung window with a small gap between the window and stool 1/8″
and a semi-flat apron under the stool and it will hold over 30 Lbs level